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Coast To Coast Entertainment and Touring company is a music management company specializing in talent booking, artist management, marketing/branding, tour and production management for music artists of all genres.

Any talent project you have coming up call us, we will give you detailed specifications and develop a plan to meet the individuals needs while making sure your company project is a success.

$75 per song

Our game plan over the years has been a huge success.  We work with social media, print advertising, radio and television.  We design plans to bring your brand to life.  We have long and short term plans available.

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This is a all over Audition conducted

Coast To Coast Touring prides itself on excellence and personalized services, we strive to be a cut above the rest .   Quality is our biggest value, we have over 20 years experience. You can rest assured we will keep your tour running efficiently, all while maximizing profit margins. We know exactly what problems can arise and how to best handle them.


We cover all the details including

  • Tour, road, and production management
  • Travel arrangements and logistics
  • Advancing and coordinating with music venues of all sizes
  • Catering, dressing room, and security arrangements
  • Set design
  • Loading and unloading backline and equipment
  • Overseeing promotional activities (such as press or radio interviews)
  • Box office settlements, accounting reports, and budgets for tour
  • Keeping the show and your band running on time
  • Managing opening acts
  • Overseeing hotel departures on time
  • Settling accommodation bills
  • Overseeing travel arrangements; i.e. band and crew onto the bus or to the airport in good time
  • Paying per diems to the band/artist and crew
  • Overseeing venue arrival – double-checking hospitality and technical arrangements
  • Arranging up-to-date running order with venue and promoter
  • Overseeing promotional activities; i.e. TV, radio and press interviews at the venue or at other locations
  • Supervising setup operations
  • Supervising any support or opening acts
  • Ensuring venue is ready to open on time by supervising sound check times
  • Liaising with transport department regarding the next days’ travel
  • Ensuring all acts perform on time and for the allotted time
  • Settling performance fee with promoter and collecting any due cash
  • Ensuring all touring equipment is re-packed and loaded back onto tour transportation
  • Overseeing band and crew on to appropriate overnight transport or to next hotel
  • Reporting this show’s attendance figures to management and booking agent
  • Troubleshooting unforeseen issues and emergencies that occur


Talent Audition

Expressions 60%
Dressing 80%
Behaviour 90%
Speech 75%